tax consultant

Tax Tips

There are simple ways of saving tax – Save yourself potentially thousands of €€€€


  • Receive tax exempt income
  • Maximise on tax free termination payment should your employment cease
  • Claim subsistence at civil service rates – tax exempt
  • Claim travel expenses at civil service rates – tax exempt
  • Become a dual income couple
  • Maximise loss claims against all other income
  • Covenants – tax efficient use
  • Claim relief for donations to charity
  • Retirement Relief – extract cash and other assets tax free
  • Pass on the family business to avail of appropriate reliefs
  • Incorporate your trade


  • Tax exempt profits for start up companies up to €40K tax exemption
  • Set up a new business and claim seed capital relief
  • 37.5% tax deduction and cash refunds for Research & Development