tax consultant


Tax law is complex and constantly changing. It has varying implications for individuals, organisations and businesses based on each circumstance.

The appropriate structuring on your tax affairs can save thousands of Euros. We ensure our clients pay the
absolute minimum tax required under the law.

We can help with the following:

Tax Compliance for individuals and companies

ensuring your tax returns are filed correctly, on time, and that you claim all reliefs to
which you are entitled

Tax Planning – Business

Extraction of cash and other assets from your business tax efficiently
Buying or selling a business

Capital Gains Tax Planning

Personal Holding Company to defer CGT on share sales
Cash extraction – retirement relief
Passing assets efficiently on Retirement using appropriate reliefs e.g. Agricultural,
Principal Private Residence and Business Relief

Business Tax Advice

Review of corporate structure to maximise loss offset between group members

Cash Extraction

Transfer of assets to a company
Share Buy Back and Redemptions

Residence & Domicile Planning

Minimise Irish tax exposure on moving abroad

Revenue Audit & Enquiries

Providing all necessary assistance to minimize stress

Other Taxes:

Stamp Duty
Tax Clearance Certificates
NPPR Charges
Dividend Withholding Tax
Professional Services Withholding Tax
Double Taxation